9 Tips to Rock Your Professional Headshot Session

In a world where first impressions are everything, your professional headshot speaks volumes. With the right preparation and in collaboration with your headshot photographer you can achieve a great headshot that commands attention and exudes confidence to help you unlock countless opportunities. 

Being proactive and with the advantage of expert photography tips you can properly prepare to capture a headshot that presents you as the most suited person for the job or to gain the business.

Dress for Success

Your clothing choice for your headshot isn’t just about looks; it’s about strategic alignment with your professional objectives. You want to ensure that your image communicates the right message to your intended audience. For example if you are in a casual workspace you may not need to wear a suit and tie, or vice versa. (See this article from Vogue Magazine about dressing to manifest this year! –

Choosing the Right Outfit

Formal Vs. Casual

When it comes to choosing the right outfit for your headshot photography session, the choice between formal and casual attire can be pivotal in conveying the right message about your professional persona or brand. For corporate headshots, opt for formal attire to align with expectations of professionalism. In contrast, for business headshots in startup environments or creative fields, a casual look can showcase your flexibility and innovative spirit. Take cues from successful people in your field and consider how your attire can align with your professional goals and the expectations of your target audience.

Colors and Patterns

Once you’ve decided on the style of your attire, it’s time to delve into the nuances of how color and pattern selection can enhance your features and style. Aim for solid colors that compliment your skin tone and avoid busy patterns that may distract from your face. Another helpful element to consider is the psychology of color – for example, blue conveys trustworthiness, while red exudes confidence. Pairing the right colors with your chosen outfit can amplify your professional presence and leave a lasting impression.

Accessory Selection


As far as accessorizing for your headshot session goes, less is often more. For jewelry, make sure that it compliments your outfit and enhances your overall look without being too distracting. Simple stud earrings and/or a delicate necklace, can add a touch of sophistication without overpowering your face. If you wear glasses, select frames that compliment your facial features and are free of smudges. (Avoid transition lenses please!) Consider wearing a tie and adding a classic watch to provide a polished look to a more formal headshot. Remember, the goal is to enhance your professional image while maintaining a put-together and understated look. 

Grooming Tips


A well-groomed appearance is essential to making a positive impression in your headshot. Begin by ensuring your hair is clean, styled, and free of any unruly strands. For makeup, aim for a natural and subtle look that enhances your features without appearing too heavy or exaggerated. For those with facial hair, keep it neatly trimmed and groomed to maintain a tidy appearance that complements your overall look. If you’re looking for expert assistance, consider adding on the hair and makeup service offered by The Headshot Gal to ensure you look your best for your headshot photography session.

Prepare Your Wardrobe

Preparing your wardrobe for a headshot session can help you ensure that every aspect of your look is ready to go for a flawless presentation. The following tips will help you guarantee that you’re camera-ready and that you aren’t stressed out at the last minute.


Don’t wait until the last second to pick your wardrobe

Planning ahead is crucial for a successful headshot session and timing is a critical factor in the process. Double-check when your scheduled headshot session is and ensure you have enough time to get ready beforehand. Making sure your outfits are prepared and packed ahead of time can help alleviate any last-minute stress and ensure a smooth and seamless experience on the day of your session.

Clothing Preparation

Prepare your clothes before the session

Achieving a polished and professional look in your headshot starts with proper clothing preparation. Ironing and steaming your clothing before a headshot session isn’t only about looking neat – it’s about presenting yourself with confidence and professionalism. Wrinkles and creases can detract from your overall appearance in photos, drawing attention away from your face and message. Check for stains and pet-hair to guarantee your attire looks pristine and reinforces the positive impression you aim to make.

Packing Essentials

Packing your wardrobe for the session

Efficiently packing your clothing and accessories for your headshot session is essential for a stress-free and smooth experience. A great approach is to organize your outfits by laying them flat or using garment bags to minimize wrinkles and ensure they’re ready to wear upon arrival. Additionally, consider packing a small kit with essential items like a lint roller, fashion tape, and spare accessories to address any last-minute wardrobe concerns.

Additional Preparation Tips

Here are a few more tips to help you radiate confidence during your headshot photography session:

Hydrate and rest

Being hydrated and well-rested will ensure a fresh and energized look in your professional headshot. Remember to drink plenty of water and get a good night’s sleep before your session to ensure you’re feeling and looking your best.

Practice Poses and Expressions

Practicing poses and expressions in a mirror ahead of time can help you find your most flattering angles. Spend some time experimenting with different facial expressions and body positions to discover what makes you feel most confident in front of the camera.

Talk to your Professional Headshot Photographer

Reach out to Liv at The Headshot Gal to discuss your vision and expectations for your professional headshot. (  We can work together to map out your preferences and goals to ensure your personalized headshot session captures your unique personality.

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